Wooden Mystical Mushroom Wall Clock | Boho Inspired Art

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Handmade Acrylic & Wooden Magical Mystical Mushroom Clock - Boho inspired art, colorful vibrant imagery
So go ahead, make space on your wall for something that's not just a clock but a conversation starter! 🌟

Key features of our Wooden Mystical Mushroom Wall Clock:

  • 🌟 Say hello to our "Magical Mushroom Clock!" It's like Boho-chic and woodland vibes had a beautiful baby. 🌲🍄

  • 🎨 Craftsmanship, who? We've got it in spades! The frame is all-natural pine wood, and the clock face? That's thick acrylic holding some hand-drawn awesomeness. 🖌️

  • 🍄 Inside that acrylic? Get lost in a detailed, mystical mushroom forest. Seriously, every line and stroke is a ticket to Wonderland. ✨

  • 🕰️ The clock hands aren't your run-of-the-mill kinds. They're made from textured wood that screams organic beauty. With every tick, they make grace look easy. 🌿

  • 🤫 Love peace and quiet? Us too. This 12-inch clock runs silently, so you can think deep thoughts or daydream without a constant 'tick-tock'. 🌙

  • 🛠️ Don't worry about hanging it up; we've got you covered. All the hardware you'll need is included. Easy-peasy! 🔨

  • 🎭 It's not just a clock; it's a mood. Vivid colors, whimsical designs, and that Bohemian spirit. Let this clock whisk you away to a world where time is, literally, a work of art. 🌈

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